Shirt for sufferers of hyperhidrosis
A shirt for people who have problems with excessive sweating. The fabric prevents the sweat from staining the clothes. 





Bactericide sock
A sock that has a bactericidal effect to prevent foot odour. The new fabric eliminates bad smells, itching and athlete’s foot. Suitable for people with sensitive skin who cannot use standard solutions to these problems.





Development of a rapid configuration system for textile production machinery, based on physical behaviour simulation of precision textile structures.



Elastic textiles with different degrees of compression

Design and production of elastic textile prototypes for the manufacture of clothing and compressed textiles for use in healthcare. 



Development of a robotic manipulator of human tubular tissues for suture and support in anastomosis surgery interventions. 



Use of fibrous natural materials

Manufacture of yarns, fabrics and non-woven structures from various natural fibres for use in the fashion industry and technical textiles.  



Optimization of high-performance composites using polyester fibres that contain ceramic nanoparticles 



Recovery of colorants and dyebaths
Electrochemical decolorization of dyebaths and reuse of effluents. 



Evaluation and optimization of mass-market detergents 



New composite material made from chicken feathers
The project involves the reuse of waste chicken feathers from the poultry industry. 







Fine-tuning an assay for the environmental assessment of soils and a study of the contamination of soils and terrestrial invertebrates: worms and springtails. 



Definition and validation of molecular biomarkers indicative of contamination in aquatic invertebrates of the Ebro River Delta. Virtually no data exist on molecular biology methods for evaluating the response of biomarkers of exposure and availability in the selected invertebrate species. 




Air quality
Monitoring of indoor air quality. 
Observation of microbial colonies in indoor air samples.